Thursday, July 30, 2009

Day 210: Make me Dance Remix Competition entry

I guess all in, these last few weeks I have started to steadily pick my game up a bit. A large part of this game 'up-picking' has been taken up by doing this remix.

I found out about this remix competition via twitter, and thought it was a good opportunity to improve my production skills some more, whilst, you never know, maybe getting some exposure.

Now I still think I have a long road in front of me on the production front, but this is by far my best work to date for sure. I had fun making it, and am fairly pleased with the outcome. If nothing else I can definitely see a linear advancement in the quality of my tracks. So yeah, go me!

Anyways, here you have it in all it's glory, just have to wait and see how I get on now...




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