Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Day 209: Bang the DJ on your Radio

Ok, way back on Day 5 I made a skeleton scoring system to help me monitor progress. That's what that '2/365/ means at the bottom of every post in case you were wondering.

Basically it's '2 out of 365'. A full 365 would indicated reaching my goal to a very satisfactory level. As I have blogged about a few times in the not to distant past, I actually seem to be chickening out a bit. I don't know the exact causes, but i suspect some deep routed self doubt, that and not being in the familiar confines of my home city (and therefore knowing more peeps).

Anyway... playing out isn't the only way to make progress/score points (thankfully). Press coverage, write ups, getting tracks out, and radio play all count. As well as any other relevant, but not anticipated happening (like if I get accepted for the redbull academy for example).

So, you'll notice that the number isn't 2 anymore, it's 'shot' up to 10. Wow, how can this be? Well one of my tunes got played on an Internet Radio show. Ok, so this isn't gonna have Ibiza Rocks banging on my door, but importantly it was unsolicited. They found the tune, I had no contact with them previously. So it's not like I cajoled them into it etc. They found it, liked it, and played it (twice in fact, tho am only scoring it as once!).

The DJ was DJ Breakz, from Break Pirates radio, and the tune was 'Pre Party'. Unfortunately I didn't anticipate this eventuality, so there is no official scoring for it. However the nearest thing is 'Tune featured on blog'. This has a score of 8. I think this makes a tune played by a DJ on radio or otherwise about the same. As, after all it's unsolicited approval of a track. So, for this reason I am giving it the same weight.

For prosperity, I have a recording of it going out 'on the air' too, so you can enjoy it as much as I did!

Sweet huh? I nearly dropped my sandwich when I heard that. So thanks to DJ Breakz, and the Break Pirates for clearing a very long dry spell!




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