Saturday, July 25, 2009

Day 205: Red Bull Music academy

Right back on to the important stuff - DJing and production.

Red Bull are well known for promoting and sponsoring a great number of interesting events, one of particular interest clearly is the Red Bull Music Academy.

The RBMA is basically two fortnight-long 'terms' where 60 lucky applicants get to attend numerous sessions and talks from some of the top names in the music business. This really looks like a musicians dream.

What better way to spend two weeks than in the company of other worldly and diverse aspiring artists. Lots of different ideas, cultures and backgrounds to be explored. Add to that the hands on and direct advice of some of the worlds best artists. All of this topped off with nightly gigs and performances, sometimes involving the aspiring artists themselves!

The next event is being held in London (last time it was in Barcelona) and although you may not be lucky enough to attend first hand, don't fret, as there are a whole bunch of the talks up on their web-site archives.

Unmissable really... get on there and get discovering!




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