Sunday, June 28, 2009

Day 178: You get out what you put in.

I've always been a firm believer that you get out of something relative to what you put into it. To me the logic is simple.

Some people seem to expect something for nothing, or get disheartened/give up real soon on something when they don't get the expected/desired results.

Now although this isn't something new, it kinda hit me today with a throw away comment that I made, which made me realise how true indeed this saying actually is. I was merely commenting that I hadn't had any interesting emails in the bang the DJ inbox recently.

Almost nothing more would have come of that simple comment had it not been for something unrelated that happened later. I saw a flyer for a free dance music event this weekend, on the outskirts of the city. This caused me to look in to it a bit, find out about the people organising it etc etc. Then I obviously thought about contacting them for info/contacts etc and also out of general enthusiasm for this sort of thing.

Then it hit me, I had answered my own question (if it were really a question). The reason why I wasn't getting any interesting emails, was that I wasn't doing anything to deserve them.

A few months back I was actively shooting out emails, contacting people, digging for stuff etc etc, and respectively things were therefore coming back. I was pushing out my mixes promoting them and bobbing round on forums etc. Anyone notice there's not been a mix for a while? Well that's exactly it. If I am truly honest, I've been slacking, not putting anything into it, and therefore, quite simply, not been getting anything out of it.

This is excellent news. Weird to say that I know, but with this simple and stark realisation, I now have all the renewed enthusiasm one could want. I'm going to get back in to contact mode, pull out the proverbial finger, and get back in to what this was all about. The bit that I actually really enjoyed!

So the message is... if you're not seeing much happening with something, be it your life in general, or you own personal small project... ask your self, do I truly deserve to be getting something out, based on what I am putting in. My money says the answer will (if you are truthful) be no.




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