Thursday, June 11, 2009

Day 161: Crooked musicians bulk buy own tunes for chart success!

Nope, not Beyonce's management team, no no no... not Snow Patrols PR guys. Yes we know they've all been at it for some time, but now some industrious bunch of crooked London DJs have decided to have a pop.

It seems that the said gang of industrious DJs (anyone know exactly who?) got their grubby hands on some stolen/forged credit cards. They then got their tunes distributed on to iTunes, and Amazon via Tunecore (more on tunecore tomorrow).

Now with their tunes available to the masses, they decided to mass purchase their own tunes, forcing them up the charts, and earning them subsequent genuine purchased a long the way. Developing a name for themselves at the same time.

Sound familiar? Yes of course, cos that's exactly how the music business has been run for years. The only exception this time was that it was paid for on money that wasn't theirs.

You might argue that considering recent economic events, that was also true of the Major labels also...

Full story here.




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