Sunday, June 7, 2009

Day 157: Beach Bums

After a pretty heavy few weeks at BTDJ towers, it's be nice to have a relatively chilled weekend. As you know I managed to start work on some new tunes, and a nice trip out to the beach today has gone a long way to recharge the batteries. Even if as a side effect it's made me not want to go to work tomorrow.

Summer you evil bastard, you roll around all unannounced, then blam, people are at the beach, taking some beers on the promenade, live music in the streets and a different Feria (Fair) every weekend. Talk about way to wind up the office workers. So much fun stuff, so much food to be had, so much beer and wine to be drunk, it just cant possibly done whilst holding down a full time job.

Who wants to work all those hours if you don't have any time to enjoy it, the weekends are so short, you need a few cheeky days off in the week.

Weekends are too sparse, and free time in the week is just a distant dream.

Maybe I can make a living selling cold beers and coconut on the beach, not a bad life that surely.




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