Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Day 104: Scenesters

Thought I'd have a bit of rant today, don't know why. Maybe because it's mid week, and it's cloudy...

Scenesterism is something that's kinda never really bothered me as I tend to ignore it. You know, people who do shit just cos it's trendy, people who get gigs cos they are a fit female DJ, or some soul selling white shirt fanboy crevice licker.

Either way, never bothered me, cos I always wanted to do things my way. Yeah a bit of nepotism is always going to be there, and certainly forging relationships with important people etc needs to be done. What I don't like is doing that, whilst pretending it's not that.

Over the course of these 104 posts, I have contacted various people for various reasons. Some asking questions, some saying 'I like what you do' some just brazenly asking to listen to my mix etc. Everyone though genuine and clear in whatever the intention.
I've made some new friends, some I never even got a reply, thats all fine. I'm not even really going to diss scenesters, I think what I hope though is that in the long run talent, sincerity and friendship win out.

After all, what's the point in all of this if your not enjoying it, or doing it cos you love it. If you're into this for a profile boost, or to be cool then that's really fucked up. DJs aren't really cool anyway, certainly never trust a DJ that seems too cool. By their nature they are geeks. Music and equipment nerds with obsessive tendencies. Someone willing to grind away at a breakbeat for 4 hours till they get it right. Also don't trust DJs that don't move,dance,fidget,bop etc when they
play. If you don't love what you're playing, no-one else will!

So right now, if you're wearing a white shirt, playing the latest Minimal/Bloghaus anthems plucked from the Beatport top 10, stiff as a post, with $100 trainers, at your sisters boyfriends club. Be afraid, we're coming to GET YOU....

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