Monday, April 13, 2009

Day 102: Why have I still not got one...

The reasons to get an iPhone seem to just keep mounting up. I'm almost at the point where I actually should be giving reasons NOT to get one.

Ok, well there are a few reasons. The main one is I don't want to get one now cos they aren't exactly new, so knowing my luck they will release a super new one the day after I get mine. Secondly, they are, let's face it, silly money.

I could still go down the iPod touch route, that could work out quite well, the problem there though is that they don't have the mega capacity that I would like. I have all the music I own (which is a fair amount) on my current old faithful, and still a few Gb to spare. 8 or 16gb just ain't going to cut it, despite me not actually listening to 98% of it, but that's not the point. Above that tho we are back in silly money world again.

I probably would just be better off with a Pacemaker, much more suitable, dedicated device and stacks of storage...

No virtual synths on a Pacemaker though... I'll just have to get both.




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