Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Day 76: iPhone OS 3.0

iPhones, you either love em or hate em. Originally I hated them. Seemed like lots of money for old rope. Not just any rope either, rope that didn't do what less expensive rope did, but just looked nice.

Since they made the 3g version though my interest was piqued a little bit more. I saw some youtube videos of people making beats with them, and using them as midi controllers etc and this made me love them:

Tho by this time, even the iPhone 3g was kinda getting old. So I started thinking no point getting one, cos they'll just replace it straight away, and I'll be stuffed/gutted. However there is stills some interesting news.

Apparently they are releasing version 3.0 of the firmware, and with this comes a whole bunch of functionality that makes it much more appealing as a music device.

The most significant of these (for me) is the access to the music library, thus opening up all sorts of possibilities for DJing software etc. Also audio pairing with bluetooth devices and audio recording... it wouldn't take much to come up with some fairly interesting software using that combination.

So who knows maybe I will succumb after all...




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