Monday, March 16, 2009

Day 74: From pens to decks

Electronic input device makers Wacom are making a strange but welcome sidestep into DJ equipment production.

The Wacom press release claims "The product is currently in development and is scheduled for an initial release in Japan and Europe this summer."

Weird as this all my sound, it looks quite interesting, plus with their experience in pressure related interfaces, this could prove to be some snappy kit.

Apparently there is a specific web-site launching for it soon too here (goes live on March 18th).

That combined with its tiny foot-print, containing two 'decks' (ie music sources) in the one unit, a mixer and a sampler! This makes it an all in one DJ box. Also it claims some sort of wireless functionality, so will be interesting to see what that is exactly.

Would be interesting to get my hands on one!




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