Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Day 328: Acapellas 4U - and you.

Despite sounding like a dodgy high street chain, Acapellas4U is actually a very useful resource for both DJs and Producers alike.

As you might expect, the site is dedicated to, Acapellas. As a remixer, this is invaluable. Even when making original tracks, these Acapellas can be a great source of vocal hooks. Sometimes just rooting around and downloading something a little bit obscure can turn up some vocal gold for your white labels.

For DJs, these downloads can be great for making crude remixes on the fly, or just for adding some vocal flavour in the mix. Why not breakdown into a familiar vocal, hold it out solo for a while, then bring in a beat, and build up the tension.

The possibilities are endless, but whatever you decide to do, you'll no doubt find yourself at Acapellas4U as it's no doubt the best resource for them online.




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