Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Day 320: How Slip Mode works in the new CDJ900

Like any other person with a mild interest in DJing, I have been slathering over the new CDJ2000s and 900s.

One feature that has been intriguing me is "Slip Mode". Previously on the CDJs when you touched the platter, scratched, looped or anything similar, the track would pick up at the point where you let go, exited the loop or whatever. This is what you would expect, as this is also what a record on a turntable would do.

However, even though vinyl emulation is a key feature of a CDJ, it doesn't have to be the only features. Taking advantage of the digital functionality is also good. What slip mode does then is keep the track 'playing'' (though not actually sounding) underneath what you are doing. This means that when you come out of the loop or scratch the track resume where it would have been had you just let it play.

This opens up some interesting possibilities, such as scratching, yet the tune can still be beat matched to the other channel perfectly on release, or holding a loop, then dropping it back on the breakdown for on the fly remixing etc.

Weirdly this feature is only on the lower priced 900s and not the 2000, which seems odd. Certainly this makes them more appealing to me as the 2000 only really has the needle drop and DVD playback (for audio only) in it's favour (ok, some other small features...) and given the inevitable price difference, I think I am going to go 900 all the way.

Here is a good video that better explains what slip mode doe3s:




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