Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Day 138: A different approach

Ok, so am going to be in the UK the end of this month, so I kinda figured am going to have to knock out the Phase 5 pretty pronto. Normally I go through the months new tunes, maybe slipping in a few goodies from the previous month that I didn't notice, or just didn't make it.

This month however I have decided to take a different approach, and I hope it might work out for the better. Now I have a fairly substantial catalog of tunes, I have scanned through them picking out a whole bunch of gems that might not have leapt out at me in the beginning, but now as my tastes are settling, and the desire to lay down pure bangers is giving way to a more balanced sound.

The end result I am hoping is that the mix will take a more laid out, and distinctive feel, rather than be the months fairly predictable bangers. In fact just the exercise of going through some 'old' (sometimes even 4 months old!) tunes has made me get excited about the tunes all over again.

How much I wish I had all day to just discover music. That would just be the best thing ever...




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