Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Day 131: I want a Lemur (who doesn't).

I remember when midi controllers were at best, a grey box with some buttons, knobs, and if yer lucky pads. Nowadays they are a world unto themselves.

Many will already (possibly unknowingly) be familiar with yamahas tenori-on thanks to blackpool sex kitten Little Boots. This is a fairly conventional 16beat step sequencer/controller really, just with a new pretty interface.

The Jazzmutant Lemur on the other hand takes it to a new level. A multi touch, modular control surface means you can basically run all your synths, and DAW from it at the same time.

They say pictures speak louder than words, and here is a collection of them in quick sequence, in what people popularly call a VID-E-O. It'll never catch on though:




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