Monday, May 4, 2009

Day 123: Summer Breeze

Well as I mentioned a few days back, there hasn't actually been much by the way of activity on the BTDJ front recently, and this needs addressing fast.

However it's not all been wasted time it seems, as I've only gone and got the chance to win a residency in Ibiza. Yes really.

I had been scouting out what was going on, on the white Isle when I discovered a new DnB and Dubstep night launching over there called Prang. They have a section on their web-site for a competition... so I stuck in a mix, and I've been invited tot he first heat!

Gotta be worth a pop that. Especially as it's something different, no-one has ever really pulled of continuous DnB over there, and these guys look like they are determined to change that, and it happens to be one of the longest running styles of music I love, so all good.

I've got some pretty mad ideas too to try and stand out, so we'll see how it goes, and I'll try and post some practise runs up here, just got to book the ferry over now...




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