Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Day 117: What no data?

This weekend presents my first blogging challenge.

Weirdly somehow it's the first weekend this year where I will be away from the internet for more than 24 hours. That's kinda depressing in a way. And I am not sure if it's the realisation how long I waste on the internet, or just that I haven't been away much this year. I blame full time employment.

Any road, so I have been faced with the challenge of how to feed you your much needed daily bangisms while out on the road. Normally this would be a piece of pizzle. Connect via mobile mangle a one line post or whatever Prey Hesto. However it's not that simple. I have some Mickey Mouse mobile operator that doesn't do data. I have been meaning to change it for yonks, but hey, there are more important things in life than mobile data.

Boys Noize... mega!

Anyway... all is not lost. I am going to a festival (2Many DJs, Boys Noize and more) and I have managed to wangle press access (Despite buying tickets grrr) and it says in the gumph they have wifi on site for the Journos. Good times. Take my PDA down, bosh out some quality multi line posts, happy days.

Hey, I'll even try and up some photos...

Let's see how it pans out though... might not even make it to the press area...




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