Monday, March 30, 2009

Day 88: The living daylights.

Damn this daylight saving time. Yeah ok it's much nicer being light in the evenings, but I keep thinking its like 6pm when really its just gone 9 :(

Got the sample CD back from the printers, looks good, so hopefully they should be back here for the weekend, then I can get on the mad promo offensive.

Not sure whether to knock out the CDs with my latest mix, or whether to do up an mp3 CD with a couple of mixes, stick on my tracks, and maybe some photos/press release gumph. All multi media like. Dilemma dilemma.

In other news, I was gonna do a cheeky one and stick my tracks (in the post below) in for this competition I saw. However, unlike me, I actually read the Ts&Cs, and saw this:

All tracks submitted for this contest become the legal property of DJTUNES.COM. The first 5 anthems will be sold exclusively on DJTUNES.COM.

Kinda put me off it. Annoyingly I have been putting off entering till the tunes were more or less done. Or shall we say, as done as possible before the closing date (tomorrow). So I never got to the reading Ts&Cs part till today.

I've shot them an email for clarification, but I don't spect I'll get an answer in time. It probably would amount to nothing, I'd enter, probably not win, then go about my business. But it would be just my luck that I'd not win, then sell my own tunes on the interweb, only to be told I can't, or something.

Hmm what to do... cos I would still like to stick them in, just for the fun of it.




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