Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Day 56: DJ Skills

Afternoon Wanna be DJ's,

I've been thinking of a few new angles of attack with the whole 'Make it as a DJ' thing.
Some of the ideas are old, some not so. But either way I think it's worth a punt.

One of which will be the BTDJ quarterly Podcast (yeah podcast, I know, how 2004). However this will be another avenue of reaching people, and opportunity to explore another medium and just other general such 'stuff'.

I will aim to do this bi-monthly I think, due to time restrictions. I am tempted to maybe make it a video podcast too, we'll see. I have almost no video editing skills at all though, so that might be a tall order. Most likely I will keep it audio, review some tunes crack some funnies, and devour the music press.

Moving on from that though, and not entirely unrelated was the idea of doing some tutorials right here on the site.

I mean, come on, why didn't I think of this earlier, this is exactly what needs to be going on.

I have also recently been looking in to some music production, and DJ related books. There are some good looking titles out there, and I have something special lined up for this very soon.

So keep em peeled for all that. Not sure when the Podcast will see the light of day, I am hoping first half of March. I am throwing this open to anyone else too who feels they might like to contribute. Got a relevant piece, opinion etc? Send it in!

Till tomorrow...




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